Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Cards

Above are some examples of cards i've made recently. Always good to have a supply of hand made cards for emergency birthday and congratulations situations. They're on a background of some dodgy marbled paper I made when i was 12 or something!

There's a quick little sketch of what is probably the dumbest looking girl ever drawn. She looks like she just asked if chickpeas come from chickens.


  1. Oh thank you so much. I LOVE your blog!

  2. Love these, what a great idea and the first set of B&W sketches... wow!
    I actually love the marble background too, it's really different, so you've always been talented then!

  3. Oh wow thanks so much! I was thinking of doing a few sketches of fashion bloggers so watch out you may be on a marble background yourself soon! God that sounds kinda creepy.

  4. Love the cards, especially the skull scarf. Hehe we have similar blog names :)