Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank You Man Repeller!

So this is my first post in QUUUUIITE a while. I don't know what happened. I got back from Africa, saw the THE MAN REPELLER had posted one of my drawings on her page and I think just freaked out a little bit and then forgot I had a blog!

I know most of the commenters preferred the other sketch but I wasn't bothered!! I didn't even mean for it to look like her, it was just supposed to be someone wearing all the classic repelling items including the shoes I was trying to win in a competition she was doing at the time! I'm sure I could better capture her likeness in future! The other girl who drew her is clearly like uber talented when it comes to sketching and really has a style so I can't really compete with that!

So I thought as a big THANK YOU to the MR, I would make a big post of some of my favorite looks of hers of all time. So here they are (all images taken from Man Repeller).

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