Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pastels, Cut-Outs, Shorts, stripes

Here are another few drawings I did recently. The first one is a bit 60s and pretty crazy really, can't see anyone including myselft actually wearing that! But it was fun to draw! Maybe the bag would be nice in isolation or the shorts with a simpler top. I am also quite partial to those shoes.

The second picture fits my ''3 gals on the tear'' formula! Don't particularly like the outfits I've put them in! Typical me ''molly you can draw anything, you are designing these clothes'' and then i go and draw something that i wouldn't be seen dead in but hey.....they girls in the drawings can pull it off can't they? Then sometimes I draw something and wish i could make it. I'd love to see that process from paper to 3D.

Quite like that third dress despite its weird owl-eye boob details! Can't imagine it being overly flattering in real life, unless on a svelte 6 ft model. Maybe it's better some things stay on paper.


  1. loveee these! the second one is especially awesome ;)
    love your drawings, am following now!

  2. you are so talented! love this!!!

  3. I love the second drawing! the outfits look really good :)

  4. Really amazing drawings !

  5. I spotted your sketches on Man Repeller- they are wonderul!


  6. OH MY GOSH! You're really good with those crayons, and I'm madly in love with the second picture (especially that blue, draped top to the right ;D).
    I wish I had your amazing ability to draw like this.

    So before you get so famous you don't even have time for blogging, I was wondering if you could be interested in doing a drawing for my header????<3

    You can just answer here, og leave a comment on my blog here:

    It would be such an honor to have a piece of art like yours on my blog<3