Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sequinned Dresses

Did this last night, in celebration of finally finishing all my written exams! Two clinical exams now (AH!!!) to go and then SUMMER! The summer that started for most students at least two weeks ago! Hope you like them. Thanks to people for following me, it's great to know people are actually looking at my drawings. Its just nice to have some other outlet to be a bit creative because apart from the odd diagram in an essay, there isn't a whole lot of art in medicine! That's why I really wanted to do something for the paper in Trinity but had an interview with the Trinity News last year and think they were a bit unimpressed! 'So you just do fashiony stuff' was along the lines of what they said! They wanted someone who could do sketches of people as they were being interviewed, cartoons etc. So hopefully they found their amazing all rounder! I would say if someone is that good, they're probably in NCAD or Dun Laoghaire! Hope people's summers are going well. More drawings to follow soon.

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