Thursday, December 2, 2010


Did this while watching 'I'm a Celebrity...' last night. The joy of it! I realise that the outfits I draw are usually quite horrid unless they are by a designer. This is not because I have bad taste, its mostly because it's more fun to draw something pleated, gathered, ruched and leopard print than a simple Jil Sander shift despite my love for said simple clothing. But the odd time I design something quite nice. If only I could make clothes.

So I was thinking of doing some things on here that aren't just illustrations. Not sure how it'll go but we'll see.

Really want to go the the exhibition on in the Taylor Gallery on Kildare Street in Dublin. This image is one of her pieces entitled 'Reclining Nude.' I just think it's beautiful. Maybe after exams!


  1. i love the first image!!! thankyou for following fashion lullaby

    following you now :)
    Claudia Mimi xxx

  2. hey I literally just saw your comment on Aha Shake Heartbreak's blog, about free education/student fees? I just thought it was really interesting is all! So I'm checking out your blog..and just thought I would tell you that :) and your drawings are really good too.


  3. Thanks guys!! So nice to hear good things! x

  4. It looks great! And I love designer items because of the detailing. Merry Christmas btw!