Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recentish Purchases

So I've been off this for quite a while and I don't really know why! Since Christmas I have been extremely busy, on rotation in a hospital in a different county, then full time lectures. So apart from the odd elaborate doodle in a particularly boring Pathology lecture, I guess you could say I've had a bit of a creative block with regards to drawing. But I'm still WEARING clothes (sigh of relief from everyone there) so I figured I'd show some of my more recent purchases and maybe a few wishlist items!

Bought the two finger ring above in Forever 21 before Christmas. They're such a silly Lauren Conrad fuelled trend but I do like them! This one has a lovely combination of brassy, matte gold finish with sparkly ass diamonds!

The lace collar necklace below is another of my favourite new things althoug it actually broke a week after buying it, not because it was shoddy but because its a delicate little thing. I just have to replace a link and it'll be good to go but haven't had a chance to do it/get my jeweller mum to do it! I got in from Branchbound, a seller on and it arrived scarily fast to Dublin from California in a lovely little package. I really do adore it even if the starched lace is a little itchy and its corners get turned up by accident under your coat when you're not paying full attention. Actually come to think of it it's a little troublesome but I DON'T CARE!

Got these boots only today in River Island. I tried them on about five times over the past week in several different branches of RI in order to decide whether I could really justify buying them. I do need a replacement everyday boot as my primark babies, although sturdier than most primark shoes, have finally begun to look a little dozed. But I'm glad I bought them because they are fantabulous. They go with jeans and tights, they are casual but yet could be dressy and they just look so neat. They remind me of the shoes in the Ladybird version of The Elves and The Shoemaker. Although those were less cowboy and....well really not very similar at all.

But the purchase of these boots comes with a promise that I cannot but ANYTHING unnecessary or luxury until I have raised enough money for my elective in Tanzania. I love charity shops so if I must buy something, it will be from a charity shop. Only problem is I rarely get a chance to go to the good streets for charity shopping, I miss my days in Rathmines. But I did get a lovely patent clutch and a sparkly Zara cardigan in Oxfam on George's St. last week so there's hope for me. Anyway I digress.

The next purchase was the most exciting. I was at the Point Village Market one Saturday before Christmas just having a browse in the kind of cold weather that you cannot comprehend until you brave that exact windtrap beside the O2. So I'm looking at the Enable Ireland stand because if you can get something cheap and help charity than that will double the warm fuzzy feeling of buying something, and in the aforementioned arctic temperatures all the warm fuzzies are necessary. So I see this See By ChloĆ© bag and my heart starts to pound a little bit. Its brand new. Its top quality leather. It's definitely not fake because who makes fakes of a cheaper diffusion liine? Its black and navy blue which has been a favourite colour combo of mine since I was about 7 when my dad tole me that it was chic. It was €30. So while that would be laughable to pay in a charity shop for a bag, considering it was brand new and designer.....I was sold. So I tottered off to the nearest ATM and brought that baby home! Then I looked it up and it retails for around $395. Wow. Then I felt bad that Enable Ireland got so little.

The last item I have to share with you is probably my favourite. H&M triumph again. Its a mint coloured, dove print jacket. It's just perfect and ithas to be the thing that I consistently get compliments about when I wear it, which is kind of awkward because I'm not the best at taking them so usually i just say 'H&M.' Maeve Higgins has an unbelievable sketch about girls and the battles they have where they compete to give complements. Don't know where you could find it but...FIND IT becasue it's hilarious. Anyway the other super thing about it is that it's machine washable! I know I sound like a granny but from the feeling of it and its delicate appearance and the shoulder padding etc you might expect that it would be dry clean only or...bain of my life....handwash but no! It keeps its shape, no need to iron. I love it! Sorry I look so demented in the below photo. That's kind of how I look when I get a compliment: happy but unsure of what to do and a bit uncomfortable.

This next thing is a wish item. It's just so expensive but it has to be one of the nicest perfumes I've ever smelled. I usually wear either Moschino I Love Love or DKNY woman. The moschino one is the only perfume that has had people stop me in shops or the street to ask what perfume I'm wearing but it can be difficult to get. The DKNY one is just so distinctive so sometimes you'll have a bonding moment on the luas or in Dunnes stores when someone says 'DKNY?'

Anyway I want this:

Only problem is if people ever ask what I'm wearing, i'll have to make that difficult decision of whether to do a fully committed french accent or just give an anglicised 'prada infusion of iris' or a really irish 'In-Fusion De Eye-Riss.'

Anyhoodles, bye all!

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