Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Apparel Dilemma

Tried this dress on the other day and decided it was one of those perfect LBDs that American Apparel do so well. Got two last year (shown below) and they just suit so many occasions! Have worn the one shouldered into lectures with tights, boots and a cardi and out on the tiles on numerous occasions. It washes well, it's the perfect length, its good belted....i cannot give enough praise.

But here's the problem. That jersey scoop back dress......was €54! Its cotton, it's plain, it doesnt exactly break boundaries in terms of design or originality.....yet it costs the same as a month and a half of internet, 20 giant bags of giant chocolate buttons, 6 dresses from charity shops where i often find my favourite dresses, food for 2 weeks, a considerable portion of a new laptop, spending money for trip Africa etc etc.

So i have that decision between a dress that would be PERFECT for any occasion, is a blank canvas for over-accesorisation which i love (and has a sexy scoop back without being in your face with boobage or leggage) and a hole in my pocket, and all for a cotton shift that i would estimate was made for less than €5. If i were to count the wear i would get out of it, it would be a no brainer but i would be embarassed if anyone asked how much i paid for it!

Anyhoo, stay tuned, tomorrow i shall post my sketch homage to the man repeller including the pair of Be&D shoes I would choose for her amazing giveaway. Would post it now only the scanner is loud and its late and i dont want to wake my housemate and i also should sleep given that i have to be in a hospital 7 hours from now (dont worry i'm not allowed treat patients yet)!!

Images from AA