Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barry M Collection Grows

So i bought another Barry M - 'Lemon' to go with the crazy black instant nail effects one which is so much fun. So that has intermittently entertained me between clumps revision. Exams start tomorrow. Also aiding my revision have been these laminated Lichtenstein bookmarks that my dad made.

Got some earrings at the flea market there on the last sunday of April. Really like that market, I think it should be on more that once a month though. Pretty competitive to get a stall there, I'm sure they'd have enough attendance to do it fortnightly but what do i know eh?! Anyway this lovely woman makes them by hand and she gave them to me for €7 which i think killed her a litte bit because she said they took her ages-gluing the chain to the turquoisey stone etc. Really like them, have received many the compliment since. Earrings are my obsession. Perhaps I will display my vast collection of weird and wonderful earrings some day. Funny exams start tomorrow. Won't be getting ANY sleep tonight!



  1. fab nails!!! Went to treat myself to Mimosa by Chanel this week but they didnt have it in Liffey Valley so got the Lemon from Barry M!!! Never thought of pairing with the nail effects! thanks Moll :)

  2. Aw sickened, hate when that happens! Ya it looks a bit crazy with the nail effects and its a bit distracting, literally couldnt stop staring at them during exams! Not good!

  3. I love the crackle polish. And this color combination definitely rocks! Hey I'm hosting a DIY Manicure Party on August 12 for FBFF. Would love to see you there!